Regular sensory kit

AB Vickers process additives

4×6 selected flavours to spike 1L

  • The Basic Sensory Training Kit offers 4 pre-measured vials of six of the most common & important beer-related flavour compounds. This kit is perfect for companies that do frequent sensory training panels using these core standards. It is also suitable for those looking for basic sensory training.


    • Acetaldehyde – green apple, cut grass
    • Contamination – sour & buttery
    • D.M.S. – cooked corn, cooked vegetables
    • Diacetyl– butter, butterscotch
    • Isoamyl acetate – banana, peardrop
    • Papery – cardboard, oxidized
  • Siebel Regular sensory kit


Lallemand Sensory kits can be purchased from:
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