Hop sensory kit

AB Vickers process additives

24×1 selected flavours to spike 1L

  • Following up on the immense success of the Siebel Institute Sensory Training Kits, we are pleased to introduce a new range of hop-related standards to our sensory product line. Tasters can build expertise in identifying 24 different bittering and aromatic compounds commonly contributed by hops.


    • Bitter – hoppy, bitter
    • Butyric acid – putrid, baby vomit
    • Geraniol – floral, geranium flowers
    • Isovaleric acid – cheesy, old hops, sweaty socks
    • Light Struck – skunky, toffee or coffee like
    • Citrus – citrus, apple, sweet, fruity, pineapple
    • Exotic – coconut, vanilla, fruity, glue-like/li>
    • Linalool – fruity, floral, blueberry, lavender, rose-wood
    • Herbal – herbaceous, resinous, green, balsamic, pine, light terpene/hydrocarbon character
    • Berry – raspberry, berry, citrus, woodlands, floral, violet
    • Perfume – perfume-like, floral, rose-like, waxy
    • Piney – piney, lilac, conifer-like, resinous, woody, lime
    • Woody – woody, resinous
    • Grapefruit – fruity, grapefruit, citrus (green notes)
    • Apricot – apricot, fruity, pineapple, banana, sweet, honey
    • Floral – floral, rosy, waxy/soapy
    • Catty – blackcurrant, catty, cassis, astringent, tart/fruity, herbal
    • Tobacco – natural, woody, sweet, fruity, plum, spicy tobacco nuances, menthol-like
    • Furaneol – cotton candy, strawberry, sweet, caramel
    • Potato skins – potato skins, bell pepper, earthy, musty (wine-like)
    • Cinnamon – cinnamon, pungent, spicy, clove, vanilla
    • Nonanal – citrus-like, lime, fatty, soapy, waxy, grapefruit, grape, fruity
    • Anise – anise, spicy, sweet
    • Musty – metallic, pungent, musty, green
  • Siebel Hop sensory kit


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