AB Vickers process aids

Breakbright is the semi-refined form of the seaweed species Euchema cottonii, used for wort clarification and available in powdered or tablet form. Breakbright contains a dispersive aid, which allows effective action when added to the whirlpool as well as wort copper.

  • The species Euchema cottonii is rich in the kappa isomer of carrageenan. When added to boiling wort, kappa carrageenan reacts strongly with soluble proteins, notably the proline rich haze precursor fraction.

    When the wort is cooled the carrageenan protein complex becomes unstable and precipitates out of solution. The clear wort that results produces a beer with enhanced processing characteristics.


  • Benefits

    • Improves hot break compaction in the whirlpool
    • Improves filtration – longer filter runs
    • Improves beer haze and colloidal stability