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Vicfine (FFV 161)

Beer Clarification

Vicfine is purified isinglass in convenient powder form. It is added to beer at the end of fermentation to speed maturation and improve filtration by removing yeasts and protein particles. For ease of use Vicfine in its standard form includes the necessary acid and preservative already blended.

The active component of Vicfine is isinglass (collagen). It is derived from the swim bladder of fish. Processing into finished form involves a regime of rigorous washing and sterilisation, followed by drying and milling. The precise nature of the action of collagen on yeast and proteins is not fully understood, and many suggestions have been promoted.

Collagen exists in solution as tightly bound triple helix strands which possess both positive and negative charged sites along their length. It is clear that the amino acid make up of collagen, and specifically the high proportion of proline and hydroxyproline contributes to its remarkable ability to remove both yeasts and proteins so effectively. In a typical application greater than 95% of yeast and 90% of protein particles are removed. Beer treated with Vicfine requires shorter cold storage time, and has improved filterability. The sediments produced by Vicfine in the cold storage vessel are more compact, so less beer is lost during their removal.

• reduced cold storage time
• fewer vessels
• lower energy use
• reduced beer loss
• improved filtration
• faster throughput
• reduced powder use
• improved beer haze and stability
• less re-work

Vicfine has a moderate effect on sensitive protein reduction. Whilst not a beer stabiliser in its own right it contributes to the action of silica gel, and compliments PVPP. During settlement of flocculated solids, foam negative factors can be entrained. Brewers regularly notice that Vicfi ne treated beers have improved foam stability.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF format) Vicfine Technical Data Sheet

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